The cannon BOOMS in

What To Bring

Shoes, Reflective Vests, Lights, Food, Phones, and more!

Leg Summary and Rankings

Your mileage may vary!

Written Directions - Updated for 2019

Your goal: Be able to complete your legs without any directional signage.

Exchange Coordinates and Open Schedule - Updated for 2019

Can be helpful to google the coordinates and get to the next exchange and also see if you're arriving at the right time.

PDF Maps - Updated for 2019

For those who want printed copies.

Leg Descriptions - Updated for 2019

How we would describe each and every leg.

Driver Directions - Updated for 2019

Can't follow the runners' route every time.

Important Numbers

On-Course EMS, tow trucks, locksmiths, hospitals.. numbers that are hopefully not called (unless you need them).

GoogleMap of the TIR Course - Updated 2019!

Have Google Maps on your phone (the icon here to the left) Google Maps. Open this link and then see yourself (blue dot) in relationship with the course!

The Ol' Pace Predictor! - Updated for 2019

Assign legs and play with excel! A relic that has survived 11 TIRs! :)


The Rules!

Online Rule Violation Form

Report rule-breakers and / or other poor decision-making.


Primarily for those under 18 to have their parents sign and provide at check-in.